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Send some guys down to Catalunya, looks like they found spring 👌🤘#nodignoride
At it again #nodignoride
One more snowy weekend and spring better be here 💪
School Kids in Schwyz will have a tough time to focus on class this summer 😂 🙇‍♂️🙇‍♀️
#allwheelsallages #modularpumptrack @modular_pumptrack @parkitect_ag
Building everyday untill dark 💪 #welovetobuild #allabouttwowheels
Life is good in the forest #flowtrail #welovetobuild #allabouttwowheels
We are cutting UP trees in Arlesheim 😂
We are building a new trail in Arlesheim 💪🤘
Today we had some snow. So obviously we had some fun 😎
☁️Foggy mountain tops ☁️white out, flat out with @freddy_hunziker & @ramonhunziker #FlyingMetalDiaries🤘 .
@redbull @redbullswitzerland @trekbikes #trekbikes #swissalps
Snow in Switzerland! Time to go south. We spent a great weekend dirt biking and trailbiking #grazieItalia #dopioallday #tschinggepizza
@trekbikes @bellbikehelmets @100percent_bike
We were Royal Hillbilly's 👑 at least for one weekend!  Check our latest Flying Metal Diaries Episode
@redbullswitzerland @trekbikes @royalhillsexperience #royalhills #allabout2wheels
10000324 skaters on our pumptrack tonight @into_the_ride ! What a cool event #skateneverdies #skateboard #pumptrack
Insane weekend with this crew!! Thanks for coming out ✌️
We also did ride mountain bikes this weekend 🙈

More about it in our next Flying Metal Diaries 🎥
@ramonhunziker @david_kohli @trekbikes
Everday we're quad shuttlin' 🤘
@royalhillsexperience #shuttling @trekbikes
Goooood stuff up here 👌
How does a rider feel during a big contest? We asked @chrisraeber about his experience during the @swatchrocketair in our 5th Flying Metal Diaries
@trekbikes @redbullswitzerland @redbull @fmbworldtour #swatchrocketair #flyingmetaldiaries #slopestyle #fmbworldtour
Sunday Funday! Check out our whole Flying Metal Diaries on youtube
@davosklosters @trekbikes @redbullswitzerland @herbert.bike @anderswursten @ramonhunziker @andyhaltair @ronny_caduff @cedrichubacher
Fun day in Zurich! Here are the final results from @zhjumppark. Thanks everyone for going 🥜 .
@fmbworldtour #fmbworldtour
@zhjumppark contest is on! Come over to Sihlcity for the finals at 17.00 ✌️

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