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We started an asphalt #pumppark in @stadt_opfikon 😀✈️
First testruns @freestylech it‘s gonna be an awesome weekend! We have a sick showteam for you!!! @nuno.pintas @konradszabo @michael_meisel @cornflakesfuture @vishneviy @tomaszejda @lucashuppert @jan_hagemann00 @jonnykielhorn @vincentmattesmtb @joelportenier @levistraussmtb @oszkar_nagy @ramonhunziker
It‘s on!! @freestylech is back 😀🤘We are building the Mtb and Bmx setup #betterbethere
Boring flowtrails?? Not this one! Opening of the Trail in Marbach is June 29th! Check out the whole video, link in bio
#makeFlowtrailsGreatAgain .
Video: @valentin_mueller.ch 
@marbachegg #flowtrail #trailbuilding #flyingmetalcrew #allabout2wheels
This Sunday: First Stop of @swissdirtseries in Thun!!
Opening @marbachegg Flowtrail 29. June 2019!🤘🤘🤘 Who will be there?
Would you wanna ride this? 🤤
#makeFlowtrailsGreatAgain #buildmoretrails #marbachegg #marbach #flowtrail #jumptrail #trailbuilding @mtbswitzerland @ride_mag @traildevils
Open in July
Let‘s build some jumps! ✌️
We are having the best crew out in @marbachegg to finish the new „flowtrail“. Should be good to go by begin of July! #MakeFlowtrailsGreatAgain
@ramonhunziker @jeromehunziker @moorissee @andyhaltair @naarsu69 @mountain_roots_bike_store
Double wave 🌊 🤤
#makeFlowtrailsGreatAgain #surfthedirt #marbachegg
Back in the beautiful #entlebuch after two event weekends! Can‘t wait to finally ride this one here in @marbachegg .
#trailbuilding #marbachegg #allabout2wheels
We are going to fly high with the #swissdirtseries 🇨🇭 3 events, all bronze events, open for all riders!! 22. Juni Steffisburg 
25. August Davos
5. Oktober Zürich

@unit @ionswitzerland @ridetsg @focuswater
Bringing some fun into the concret jungle @parkitect_ag #modularpumptrack #pumptrack #allwheelsallages
Well the last jumps in @marbachegg work with the Atv. We can‘t wait to ride them with the bike 🤘#respectthesend #justgonnasendit
We dive deep into the history with our first episode of „the story behind“

Link to full video in bio

@swatch @swatchandsports @redbull @redbullswitzerland @flyingmetalcrew @fmbworldtour
We like to build 😀🤘 #marbachegg @metalgangsta @moorissee @ramonhunziker @jeromehunziker
@lucashuppert made it to @crankworx Rotorua! Congrats to your 8th place and see you in May in Thun 🤩🍻💪 .
#swatchrocketair #10years #flyingmetalcrew
Some raw airtime from this weekend! Thanks to @royalhillsexperience #kristoflenssens @vinknico and everybody for coming out!!! 🤘🤘🤘
@simonimobersteg @freddy_hunziker @ramonhunziker @jeromehunziker @andyhaltair @chrisraeber @david_kohli @fabio_jungen @meehbasch @anderswursten @babslinder
@trekbikes_de.at.ch @trekbikes @100percent_bike @bellbikehelmets @chrissports.ch @bikeonscott @monsroyale
Weekend here in France started well! 🤘 #royalhills
@lucashuppert had one hell of a season. Make sure to check out our blog on @pinkbike .
Photo: @spitznagel.ch
This guys SHREDS!! Watch how @lucashuppert finds his balance in busy Zurich 🤘👌 Full video in bio #flyingmetaldiaries
📸 @joelportenier
🚲 @trekbikes_de.at.ch

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Flying Metal GmbH ist eine junge, innovative Schweizer Firma die Dienstleistungen und Produkte im Bereich Mountain Bike anbietet. Flying Metal baut Bikeparks, Flowtrails und Pumptracks, plant und veranstaltet Events und vertreibt mobile Pumptracks.

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