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Wir auf Instagram

Great weekend in @davosklosters is in the books. @levistraussmtb sure got some style points here 👌 📸@andremaurer_photography
🚵‍♀️💨 We are ready for the second stop of our dirt offspring! Starting at 14.00. 
17.00 Finals U20
18.00 Davos Dirt Champ

#fuckrain #cantstopwontstop @ridetsg @unit @davosklosters
FlyingMetalDiaries are on the way!! Here is the season starter with some of the best freeride action in the alps 🤘

#allabout2wheels @ramonhunziker @flyingmetalcrew @redbullswitzerland @trekbikes #freeride #ridethealps #downhill #mountainbikes #trek #treksession
World longest jump trail, part 2 🤘🤘 @freddy_hunziker @ramonhunziker @jeromehunziker shredding over 100 jumps in Neuchatel CH

@scottsports @trekbikes @bellbikehelmets @deitycomponents #freeride #jumptrail #chaumont
Worlds longest Jump Trail, Part 1 🤘

Check how @ramonhunziker and @freddy_hunziker fly over 100 jumps in Neuchatel!

@bikeonscott @bellbikehelmets @trekbikes #freeride #downhill #biketrail
Todays shows at @hallovelo.be in Bern where good fun. @simonmoratz @lucashuppert @ramonhunziker
If anyone is in Bern today, come up to @gurtenpark to bring your bike skills on point or get down to Marzili to see our Bikeshow! #halloVelo @hallovelo.be
@ramonhunziker and @arminbeeli are riding @festseries @hillbillyhuckfest  this course is awesome 🤘
#whitestonebikecrew got a brandnew @modular_pumptrack this place is awesome 🤘
Summer is here. Time for some high alpine riding again 🏔💨
@arminbeeli @ramonhunziker @jeromehunziker @bellbikehelmets @trekbikes @deitycomponents @flims_switzerland #allabout2wheels #mountainbike #freeride #bigbike #downhill
What a show on top of a 200meter high bridge! Thanks @swissheidiland #taminabrücke @simonmoratz @swissheidiland #allabout2wheels
Good times with the crew in Gstaad
Camouflage is important these days. Never not a good day with @roellae89 😂🤘#sendit #dontforgettosend #downhill #extreme #proextreme #girlswhoride @deitycomponents
Drop the gun and ride your bike! We support @dropandrideafg and wanna send down bikes and gear. Please support the crowdfunding. Link in bio 🙏
Sweet rig from @chrisraeber 👌 Seen at our local dirt spot! @trekbikes 
@chrisraeber is getting used to big size jumps! Qualification is on tomorrow at @fisemontpellier 🤘
Congrats to Mister @cedrichubacher for his win at the first Dirt Offspring Contest in Rüti! Next stop: @davosklosters 12th August
Let's fly 🦅 This Sunday again at the dirtoffspring contest at Bikepark Rüti 
Seems like Jack and Babs is ready for the season! @trekbikes @deitycomponents #girlswhoride #allabout2wheels
How to educate soccer kids? Bring a pumptrack to a soccer game ⚽️ #hoppYB #allabout2wheels

Flying Metal GmbH

Flying Metal GmbH ist eine junge, innovative Schweizer Firma die Dienstleistungen und Produkte im Bereich Mountain Bike anbietet. Flying Metal baut Bikeparks, Flowtrails und Pumptracks, plant und veranstaltet Events und vertreibt mobile Pumptracks.

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